State-of-the-Art Content Management Systems for Your Web Hosting Needs

Tux Support offers state-of-the-art content management systems (CMS) to fulfill your web hosting requirements. Our CMS solutions enable you to effortlessly upload audio, video, and photos to your website, providing you with complete control over your content, just like you would in Word.

With our CMS, you can easily add text or news articles, as well as incorporate forms for giveaways or contact forms, simplifying the website design and development process. Furthermore, we offer advanced features where news can be automatically generated into an RSS feed, allowing other websites to syndicate your updates.

For small market stations, our CMS allows for the seamless addition or removal of clients for football or seasonal events, providing flexibility in managing your website's content. The user-friendly interface ensures that anyone familiar with word processing software can operate our CMS with ease.

Additionally, our CMS allows you to grant access to other individuals, such as a Chamber of Commerce representative, giving them a designated space to contribute their content. Rest assured, the radio station retains ownership of the content, and you have the ability to restrict user access to specific pages they can modify.

We understand the importance of driving content on your website to attract maximum traffic. Our CMS focuses on optimizing content visibility to enhance visitor engagement and increase website traffic.

In addition to our CMS, we also provide CPanel access to all our users, allowing you to manage and add/remove email addresses. If you prefer a different content management system, you have the freedom to create your own SQL databases and easily deploy WordPress. We believe in empowering users with total control over their website.

Choose Tux Support's state-of-the-art content management systems to streamline your web hosting experience. Contact us today to explore how our CMS solutions and comprehensive features can take your website to the next level while giving you full control over your content.