Audio Processing



We all know audio processing is an art form and just like art we can help you form and mold the audio sound that you desire for your online or broadcast station. We offer full consulting services to help make your station sound the best. We can do a comprehensive study of each broadcast station to figure out what the weak points in the audio path are for both AM and FM. We believe that market size does not matter, so the higher sound quality for your station the better. The better your station sounds, the higher your revenue will be.


We have set and adjusted BW, Omnia, Orban, and Wheatstone audio processors. One of our team members worked with Ed Buterbaugh, former chief engineer of CKLW where the first multiband audio processor was born. We have helped consult audio processor manufacturers on set up and design of new hardware/software.


For your online stations, we have experience with many software based audio processors to give you your desired art form.






To understand loudness in the loudness wars, is something we completely understand. After adjusting audio in top ten markets in the United States, we take loudness seriously. Perceptional loudness can make the difference if someone continues listening to the station. In addition, the war on loudness, also known as trying to compete in the market, can have drastic effects on PPM. We have found effective ways to clear the distortion between the 1 – 4 kilohertz range; therefore, reducing square waves in the digital signal causing increased reception of the embedded PPM signal. This by itself has just as much effect as a Voltair.


For TV stations, we know there are FCC mandates for loudness. We have set up loudness management for television stations to be compliant with FCC rules. Now more than ever, you can be compliant with the loudness management guidelines at reasonable cost. 


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